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Carl James

Andrija Puharich and the Story of ‘The Nine’.


Andrija Puharich. A friend to the establishment elite, a researcher of classified human experimentation at Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland, a protégé of New Age mysticism, the paranormal and psychic studies, a student of entheogenic and psychoactive substances, and a maverick scientist fascinated by electromagnetism and free energy technology. In 1952, Puharich had his first encounter with “The Nine Principles and Forces”. Over the next several decades, Puharich created “Lab Nine” – an outfit dedicated to proving that communications with “The Nine” were real. He maintained that “The Nine” were extra-terrestrial / extra-dimensional entities with a message for all of humanity. Behind the scenes, this work was intricately connected with the likes of the US military industrial complex, the Central Intelligence Agency and even NASA. Numerous accounts from Lab Nine insiders reveal that something more sinister was afoot. Was Lab Nine a social engineering experiment – even a part of the CIA’s mind control research? In this presentation, researcher and author Carl James tells the story of Andrija Puharich’s colourful life, the friends and connections he made, recounts the work he did at Lab Nine, and exposes an altogether darker story about a seemingly innocent encounter with entities from “beyond this world”.”


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